Surrealism week 2

The children really enjoyed this week, it was very experimental and exploratory.

We used ink splatter to find subconscious imagery and then developed  them to create a drawing / painting – this was very much influenced by Max Ernst’s work where he used frotage and rubbings to find imagery for his fantastical paintings.

The frotage paintings the children made was created  by rubbing from any object the children got a hold of to create textures -Chole found a horse and Iris another, Oscar a cobra, Ellis a sting ray and Jacob many aliens!!

As Max Ernst was also the precursor of collage, we created some strange and fantastical surreal imagery with collage.. Oh I do love this technique..

The most loved technique by the children was influenced by Juan Miro. We used black paint strokes to create patterns which we then found creatures and symbols in and as per Miro , they painted them with mostly primary colours, this exercise we returned to many times and had great fun making.

Chloe and Araleea were fortunate to be on the course all week and so we took advantage of making self portrait boxes with using collage and drawings of their favourite things to decorate the boxes and a beautiful portrait drawing with soft pastels to put on the back.

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