“I never knew I love art so much, fancy waiting until I am 50 to find out”

“Wonderful class in a very relaxed , informal setting with fabulous teacher – Ellie . Really enjoyable learning experience.” Michelle Read on new classes at Vamos Social

“Oscar came home with some fab pop art and had a great time…looking forward to surrealism week next!”John Schoneboom 

“Elias really liked the workshop and your offer matched his expectations.”
“He loved cutting out the images and choosing them for the
collage. The colours he used for painting I felt are really rich and unusual. He talk about Arcimboldo. It´s great you introduce names as well as styles, movements and techniques” Armelle

“The art classes have proved to be very inspirational and have evoked a passion for all different styles and genres of art… It’s not just about the 3D robots anymore! He particularly enjoyed making the comic last session. He can’t wait to come back next week!” Louise Tavasso 

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